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Total commitment to the field is vital to success in healthcare IT, but it's just the beginning. One must possess profound domain expertise, keen business acumen, adeptness in interpreting and operationalizing regulatory and policy changes, and the willingness to challenge the status quo. This commitment is vital for effectively addressing the dynamic shifts in reimbursement models, the enduring struggle to improve patient outcomes despite decades of effort, and the efficient integration of cutting-edge technologies like clinical decision support, machine learning, and AI, given the messiness of real-world data.

Succeeding in today's healthcare sector requires adopting a new mindset: applying systems thinking. The pivotal factor differentiating winners and losers for the foreseeable future lies in their ability to transcend isolated silos, connect the dots between seemingly disparate elements, and discover common ground amid competing objectives. This challenge serves as the defining mission for our generation.

Our Story

SavantSolutions4HIT (SOS4HIT) is a healthcare consulting company located in Northern California. We specialize in the effective use of technology in healthcare, clinical informatics, and data quality. Our main objective is simplifying care delivery by helping frontline clinicians and administrators implement the best strategies. We assist physicians, health systems, health plans, and organizations in making informed decisions by adopting a "Systems Thinking" approach, providing relevant insights, and incorporating Human-Centered Design principles into every aspect of our engagement.


Although the healthcare industry hasn't yet reached a consensus on the benefits of technology, our consultants have been leading complex enterprise-wide transformations for the past two decades. Our team's unique combination of clinical, administrative, technical, and performance improvement skills has contributed to our success. We have a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare landscape and first-hand knowledge of its challenges.


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Michelle Currie, a widely respected healthcare authority with an impressive track record spanning over two decades in healthcare informatics, is the visionary Founder and CEO of SavantSolutions4HIT (SOS4HIT). Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to pioneer transformative initiatives and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology to propel the industry forward. Her adept utilization of clinical data, quality measurement, and sophisticated change management methodology has been pivotal in effecting revolutionary changes within the healthcare sector.


Under Michelle's forward-thinking leadership, SOS4HIT has become a premier consultancy renowned for its technical prowess and expertise in applied informatics within the healthcare landscape. Her laser focus on strategic planning and her rare ability to translate requirements between diverse business, clinical, and technology stakeholders have earned the trust of many esteemed healthcare entities. Notably, her collaborative endeavors with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Quality Forum (NQF), and Yale CORE have been instrumental in creating momentum for the transition and successful application of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard on a national level. 

Drawing upon her meticulously cultivated experience, Michelle is currently directing her efforts toward comprehensively understanding the integration and application of clinical data in digital Clinical Decision Support, digital Clinical Practice Guidelines, and the seamless incorporation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence within the healthcare sphere. This strategic pivot underscores her steadfast commitment to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that SOS4HIT remains at the vanguard of spearheading innovation within the healthcare industry.


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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We engaged Michelle and her team to assist us in the ongoing development of our Informatics team. Our Informatics team was established to assist our clients in better managing their population health risks, and by doing so, to reduce their health insurance spend. A critical component to this effort is having clinical expertise to analyze claims data, and then them make recommendations on actions to address these claims.
Michelle greatly assisted us, and led our efforts to find the best data analytics platform, and develop reports that provided great decision support for our clients. Michelle has not only great knowledge and experience/expertise, but she also has a keen desire to improve the health of individuals and the companies where they are employed. This rare combination was evident to our clients and allowed us to provide meaningful solutions.

Dan Michelini

Managing Partner West Region @ Acrisure

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